Piccola Roma – Bishops Waltham (Take 2!)

Last month, we returned to the fantastic Piccola Roma restaurant for our anniversary (I like to stretch our anniversary celebrations out to at least three meals!!) as I was desperate to have their steak again. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Plus, it’s very convenient for us as we can walk down to the village, have a few drinks at the pub (the new and improved Crown Inn, stunning) and then stroll over for dinner. Perfect evening!

The evening of our (8 year!!) anniversary was particularly nice and we sat outside in the Crown beer garden enjoying some ice cold beverages before our 8pm reservation. I’d emailed the restaurant in advance to make sure we’d get in, as I know they get pretty busy on Saturday nights.

Anniversary drinks!

Just before 8pm we reluctantly left the sunny beer garden and headed over to the restaurant where we were welcomed warmly and shown inside. The restaurant was already quite busy and the waiter said we could choose from two tables – I chose a nice 4 seater in the corner which was very spacious indeed.

The owner of the restaurant then came over to greet us and said that tonight, we were VIP’s! How exciting! We weren’t quite sure what this meant but she went on to say she had seen my blog post about the restaurant earlier this year and very much appreciated it! It turns out she had posted it on the restaurants Facey-B wall (which I had missed) and was just really grateful that I’d given them such a fab write-up. This was my first experience of being ‘recognised’ from PDK and I have to say it was pretty cool! I was just so pleased she liked the review and that I’d helped the restaurant out a bit – they unfortunately have some bad reviews on TripAdvisor which we can’t understand at all, you do have to take TA reviews with a very generous pinch of salt though 😉 We had really enjoyed our experience at Piccola Roma so my glowing review was just a reflection of that…confirmed by the fact we were now back! We chatted for a while with the owner who complimented me on my writing style and content which was really lovely. A lady at the table next to us then overheard us talking, leaned over with a pad and pencil and asked me to write down the URL!

After all this excitement we were more than ready for some food. We were bought complimentary bread and olive oil/balsamic which is one of my favourite things to eat EVER. Even though I knew we had a pretty full-on meal ahead of us I was unable to refrain from eating all of mine and a fair bit of Ben’s bread also.

Obviously, we ordered starters. This was our anniversary meal! (not that we don’t order starters every time we go out. ahem.)

I was pleasantly surprised to see garlic bread with cheese as a starter, so promptly ordered that. I was even more pleasantly surprised when it was placed in front of me! What a beast!

Pane all’Aglio con Mozzarella (V) our home made pizza base topped with garlic, mozzarella, oregano & extra virgin olive oil

£  3.95

Look at the size on that! An entire garlic pizza bread, all for me! (Just forcibly reminded of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, “A lovely cheese pizza, just for me.” hahahha)

I was taking close-up photos of it like an absolute mad woman, trying to capture the glistening pools of garlic butter while they were still melty and delicious.

I very kindly let Ben have a couple of slices of this although I did feel, if forced, I’d have been able to finish it. I was just very aware this was only my starter!

Ben chose the Caprese salad which, just like the salad he chose last time, came out with beautiful presentation.

Insalata Caprese (V) Sliced tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella cheese and fresh basil drizzled with extra virgin olive oil £ 5.50

Had we known how big my starter would be, he may not have ordered this and I would have shared the garlic bread (grudgingly). But, he really loved it and ate every single last bite! We both love the flavours of caprese salad and the tomatoes in this offering were wonderfully fresh and juicy – something that can really make or break the dish.

After a short break, we were ready for our main courses. I was very boring and ordered exactly what I got last time BUT in my defence that is the number one reason I wanted to come back so I couldn’t entertain the notion of ordering anything different. Ben was a little more adventurous and plumped for a new dish that caught his eye on the menu.

Here is my beautiful steak!

Bistecca alla Fiorentina 10oz rib eye steak pan fried in a creamy dolcelatte cheese sauce served with new potatoes or chips     £ 16.95

I chose chips, as chips, steak and blue cheese sauce are the holy trinity of food items in my humble opinion. Check this mother out!


Truely, a thing of beauty. I’ve spoken before of my love for steak and blue cheese sauce and Piccola Roma’s offering is right up there with the best.  The rib eye steak was thick and tender, cooked perfectly medium rare as requested. I don’t think I even need to say that I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and pretty much licked every last drop of sauce off the place. Classy!

On our last visit, Benji got pesto pasta with a tomato and onion salad on the side. This time, he was in the mood for something a little different. We probably had only had pizza 2 or 3 times that week* so obviously he needed to get a fix! I struggle not to order pizza myself when it’s on a menu, steak is probably the only thing that can stop me. We like pizza, okay? A lot.

*I’m not joking.

He opted for mushroom pizza, one of his faves.

Funghi (V) Tomato, Mozzarella, Mushroom and herbs £8.50

I like the way his was approximately half the cost of mine. I clearly have expensive taste! Seriously though, that is a huge bonus of having a veggie boyfriend – he always brings the cost of the bill right down, bless him 😉 A cheap date!

There were no complaints from his side of the table and he made short work of the pizza. I didn’t try any, partly as I generally disagree with mushrooms and partly because I was in a full-on steak induced coma that wasn’t showing any signs of letting up. He really enjoyed it, though!

After these mammoth, feast-worthy courses, dessert was something we unfortunately had to accept we’d be unable to contemplate. The friendly manager had an alternative though – lemoncello shots, just like last time! We’d totally forgotten about these so this was a lovely surprise.

These were actually perfect for me, I often want a tiny taste of something sweet after a meal but don’t want to buy a dessert I won’t be able to finish. A shot of this sweet, lemony liquid was enough to satisfy my sweet tooth and prevent a late night visit to the biscuit cupboard on our return. Result!

We’d been in the restaurant a good two hours by the time we finished and had enjoyed every minute of it. We were made to feel so welcome by the manager and waiting staff and the chef even came out to say hello! I so enjoyed my first ‘blog recognition’ and I was really happy the restaurant appreciated my review and were thankful for what I’d written. I was also glad the owner didn’t offer to take any money off our meal or offer to pay or anything, as I don’t want my blog to become a series of restaurant reviews I’ve been paid to say nice things about! Everything I say on PDK is my own opinion and as cheesy as it sounds, I just do it for the love of food 🙂

Our final ‘thank you’ from the owner was a little bag of biscotti to take home with us which was really lovely of her. We enjoyed them over the course of the week, with our coffees and teas.

Thank you Piccola Roma for a wonderful evening and for making our Anniversary so special, it goes without saying that we’ll be back!


One thought on “Piccola Roma – Bishops Waltham (Take 2!)

  1. It being Mrs Pieman’s birthday I thought I’d take her out for a meal. On the strength of your 2 reviews of Piccola Roma, & despite some adverse reports from friends, I decided we’d give it another try, and WE WEREN’T DISAPPOINTED! Mrs P had the mussels starter & I had the Cured Beef. Both were delicious. Then we both had the Steak with Blue Cheese sauce with chips & Salad. We had the 8oz fillet steak cooked rare- it was the best steak I’d had in years. My only criticisms were (1) it could have done with a bit more sauce, & (2) the salad was just mixed leaves – it could have been a bit more interesting with a few herbs, tomatoes, spring onions, etc. added For pudding we both had tiramisu. Now I consider myself an expert on tiramisu. Those who have ever tasted my home-made tiramisu speak of it in terms of hushed reverence and awe (I’ll send you my recipe if you ask nicely). This tiramisu was the best I’ve ever had in a restaurant, but not as good as my home-made, obviously. It needed more amaretto in it. Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the amaretto. Still, this was a good one. With a bottle of Chianti and service it came to £40 each. Pretty good I thought. I’ll definitely be going back to Piccola Roma again. Now, if only they had pies on the menu…

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