About Me

Welcome, welcome to my little corner of the internet!

My name is Libby, I’m 25 26 27 28 29 years old and I live in Hampshire.

I am one of those really annoying foodie types who thinks about food, like, all the time. Seriously. I’m considering breakfast the moment I wake up in the morning and thinking about lunch as I eat my toast. The morning is dedicated to my options for the midday meal. Sandwich or soup, salad or sushi? My thoughts turn to the evening meal once lunch finishes. Dinner itself, the highlight of any day, is looked forward to, eaten, savoured and discussed right up until all the dishes are cleared away and bedtime looms. My final thoughts before drifting off to sleep? You guessed it…breakfast. And, seeing as how you’ve landed on my site, I’m guessing you are more or less the same!

In this blog you will find a collection of my daily eats, special occasion meals, restaurant reviews, favourite cookery books and recipes. My fiancé husband is a vegetarian so there’ll be a fair amount of meat-free delicacies featured too. I don’t tend to write actual recipes; I prefer to just talk freely about the food without worrying about measurements or numbers, much like the way I cook.

Although I talk extensively about my love of food, there is a side to it of which I am not a fan. Namely calories, fats and carbs. (I think we all have mixed feelings about that side…) I am currently following Slimming World (joined 6.1.15) and was thrilled to lose 2 stone for my wedding last October. I’m going to continue to follow the principles of the plan with a slightly more leniant approach now that the countdown to the wedding is over, so the blog will be a mix of Slimming World recipes and more indulgent meals.

I hope you enjoy reading about my culinary adventures 🙂


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi libby, I’ve just found your wonderful food blog via the dibb. You are a girl after my own heart as I think the world revolves around food,florida and pretty girly things. My dibb username is disneylover just incase your wondering who I am. Keep up the fantastic work I have all your back catalogue to read yet. Im only up to the spinach and ricotta pasta! Xxx

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