Crispy BBQ Tofu

So, we’ve been experimenting with tofu a lot recently. Following the success of our Mediterranean tofu scramble I wanted to try something completely different and see the other side of this wondrous soy product. In fact, I wanted to see the dark side. The time had come for…crispy fried tofu! A lot of peoples misconception of tofu is that it is always pale, bland, mushy and flaccid. Which it is. But, it can really reach quite alarming levels of deliciousness with a little TLC and a very hot pan.

I pressed the tofu for about half an hour, sliced it into square slabs and dipped each slab into seasoned flour – the key to getting a super crispy edge.

I then carefully added them to a hot pan of oil and left them for about 10 minutes, turning every so often to momentarily relieve each side of it’s immersion in the oil.

After a little while they started to look like this! Complete transformation and in my opinion proof that tofu can look appetising!

I added barbecue sauce (combination of leftover jarred BBQ sauce, ketchup, honey and soy sauce) to the tofu and left it to hang out in the pan for a little bit while we plated up our extremely classy, circa-1981 pub grub accompaniments – fries, onion rings and a corn on the cob. Niiiiiice.


The result was really, really good. The texture of the tofu had changed completely; crisp, crunchy edges with caramelised BBQ sauce and a soft, pillowy centre. Amazing! Immediately promoted to the top of the Regular Dinners list, clever tofu!




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