A Right Royal Wedding

Now this isn’t really very gourmet but I wanted to post it as it was a very enjoyable occasion and an excuse for me to make some really fun, kitsch foodie items. Kitsch should really be my middle name; I love anything retro, vintage and 1950’s/60’s and aim to surround myself with things that fit these categories at all times.

So, as many of you will know unless you have been kickin’ back under a rock since 2010, April 29th was the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. I decided to throw a small “soiree”  and to mark the event, I was determined to resurrect some forgotten food superstars of yesteryear. I originally envisioned a full spread of vintage goodies on commemorative platters and saucers, but the soiree was just for two of us and I eventually had to downsize my dreams and select a few of the most appropriate dishes.

Coverage of the wedding started at 9am. We started our festivities, naturally, with a glass of Bucks Fizz! (I have to add, there was a national shortage of Bucks Fizz and after getting down on my hands and knees in Sainburys in a desperate attempt to check the back of the shelf, I had to admit defeat only to be surprised with my mother producing a bottle when I got home! Perfect.)



After the ceremony and before the “balcony scene,” we moved into the kitchen where I had prepared a little spread for us, complete with super cheesy photos of the happy couple and of course, the ever present Union Jack flags and a Keep Calm and Carry On poster. I had searched the ends of the earth for flag bunting in the weeks before the wedding but there was also a national shortage for these which meant only the super organised and keen had been able to secure a string or two.



Here is our brunch spread!



A selection of goodies…



This is the main platter! We had crackers with that 1970’s classic of Coronation Chicken, as well as crackers with a very English topping of cheese, pickle and… *cough Quorn roast beef slices…. (my boyfriend is vegetarian!) and the tiny pinwheels are made with smoked salmon and cream cheese and Quorn roast beef and cream cheese respectively. They were really easy to make; I just flattened some sliced bread with a rolling pin, layered the fillings on and rolled it up tightly, wrapped it in clingfilm and left it overnight in the fridge to chill. In the morning I unwrapped the clingfilm to reveal a perfectly form tube which I just cut into tiny bitesize pieces! Easy peasy. We had some other, not-so-photogenic food too; mini chicken kievs, prawns in filo pastry and breaded cheese (which I think you’ll agree is a must have at any reputable soiree!) but these sadly didn’t make the final blog cut!


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