Fried Egg on Potato Waffle

Just typing that title makes me feel a tiny bit ashamed, have you ever heard of a trashier combination of ingredients? Perhaps even more so when I say we didn’t even use Birdseye potato waffles (“they’re waffly versatile!”) as all we had was Tesco own brand…

We first came across this dish whilst watching BBC1’s Something for the Weekend on an extremely hungover Sunday morning. As soon as the words “potato waffles” left Simon Rimmers delectable lips we knew the recipe was a winner. His recipe was actually a lot grander than the one we have adopted; I think it consisted of (obviously) homemade potato waffles, poached eggs and possibly hollandaise sauce. We had to make do with aforementioned cheap frozen waffles and a dramatic substitution of cheese for hollandaise which worked surprisingly well. To be honest, what recipes are not magnificently enhanced by the introduction of cheese?

The combination of oozy egg yolk, crisp waffle and sharp cheese was like nothing I’d ever had before. My hangover disappeared instantly and we were ready to tackle Sunday as if Saturday night had never happened. We now recreate this dish pretty regularly with various substitutions, depending on what we have available. I have made Lea & Perrins a permanent fixture on mine as I love the savoury tang the sauce adds. Ben occasionally sprinkles a veggie version onto his that we found in Sainsburys (Lea & Perrins has anchovies in it. Who knew?) and we both shake liberal amounts of salt and cracked black pepper onto our yolks.


This past Sunday morning we once again recreated the faithful dish but with a couple of new additions as we were apparantly feeling adventurous!

We had the usual suspects of potato waffles, cheese and eggs but this time we had duck eggs! And they were amazing! Ben let me have the one with the biggest yolk and it was HUGE! I eagerly poured my salt on and gently poked it with my fork to release the liquid. I watched an episode of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” on Food Network the other night and someone was raving about a pasta dish they had which was just ravioli filled with just cooked egg yolks, it looked so good! I can really imagine how amazing that would be as yolks are so rich, you don’t need a sauce! Although obviously we added tomato ketchup to our breakfast because no hangover breakfast is complete without it.


The plate I photographed is actually Ben’s as his looked a lot nicer than mine with the addition of a couple of slices of crispy fried Quorn ham (tastes just like Quorn bacon but a lot cheaper if you’ve already got the ham!) and a big spoonful of tomato salsa. We enjoyed our breakfast whilst watching Something For The Weekend, the show that started it all!






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