The Birth of a Food Blog

On one level, this blog is:

Polka Dot: n.

  1. One of a number of dots or round spots forming a pattern, as on cloth.

Kitchen: n.

  1. A room or an area equipped for preparing and cooking food

But on another, it is something altogether more interesting!

This blog, like so many others, was born by a simple but uncontrollable desire to write about the food I cook, purchase and most importantly, enjoy. In particular, a recent hop back onto the diet bandwagon and a renewed determination to lose weight and  feel good about myself has caused a resurge in discovering and cooking new recipes that are as kind to my waistline as they are to my tastebuds.

So, I will document these recipes here, as well as any other occasions involving edible items, from three course meals in glamourous restaurants to a cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit on a weekday afternoon.

In short, I love food and I particularly love good food and good food needs to be shared!

I hope you enjoy.


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